Night Claws – A Killer Bigfoot Movie

Night ClawsIt disturbs me when filmmakers portray Bigfoot as a blood thirsty killer. Besides being just plain mean, it’s not even close to accurately profiling our forest friend. Sure, Bigfoot’s pulled a few pranks; who among us hasn’t loosened the cap on a salt shaker and waited for an unsuspecting person to go to shake a little flavor onto some french fries or cereal, only to have their meal ruined. (In all fairness, that is pretty funny. Not if it happened to me, though.) But Bigfoot as a killer? Not even close.

Night ClawsBut that’s exactly how Bigfoot is made out to be in the upcoming indie movie, Night Claws. In the film, and I quote, “A small town is being terrorized by a killer Bigfoot. One that is blood thirsty, vicious and kills without warning and without discrimination.” Bigfoot should get himself a lawyer because that’s a clear case of slander.

A scientist, sheriff and a hunter are all after Bigfoot for different reasons. There should be only one – to exonerate Bigfoot’s reputation and restore his status as a charitable woodland benefactor with well-defined eco-concerns.

Night ClawsOne can only hope Night Claws is a work of fiction and a loose artistic interpretation of the world’s greatest cryptid. But just in case, I’m having my attorney look into this.

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