House of Flesh Mannequins

House of Flesh MannequinsHouse of Flesh Mannequins (great title and top-selling brand of hot dogs) is an “homage” to grindhouse/arthouse films of the ’70s, in particular, snuff films. I was never a fan of those types of feel good flicks; my stomach can only go as deep as the first two Hellraiser movies and the ultimate snuff film of all time Lassie’s Great Adventure/1963. (I actually had to run to the restroom and hurl my stinkin’ guts clean out after little Timmy fell down the well again, this time his leg catching on rebar and tearing off at the femur. With Lassie’s incessant barking, they got Timmy out, but his leg still hangs there, rotting and crawling with well maggots.)

House of Flesh MannequinsThe stylish Italian-made/sub-titled House of Flesh Mannequins (arriving February 21, 2012) is set up in three sections (or “acts”) and is loaded with surreal S&M-flavored gore, sex, religion and mutilations. Only thing missing is a bottle of Jager. And if they needed any more frosting, the cast is made up of “international porn stars and regular actors working together for the first time with extreme body art performers used in the torture scenes.”

House of Flesh MannequinsThey’ll need all of that if they’re going to top the scene in Lassie’s Great Adventure where Timmy resorts to cannibalism to survive the horrific two hours in that hellish well. It’ll churn your tum tum.

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