The Military vs. Monsters

The SquadThe Squad is a new Spanish-made military horror movie, the irony being that those in active duty military have seen and endured more horrors than any movie ever made, with the possible exception of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) – that thing still freaks me out to this day.

But Large Marge aside (tell me you got the reference), The Squad revolves around losing contact with a military base in the “desolate wastelands of Colombia.” Everyone thinks the place fell prey to terrorists. Imagine the look on the faces of the nine-man squad sent to figure out WTF, only to find chili con carnage everywhere – and a mute woman in chains. And no, her name is not Alice. (Get it? Geez, do I have to explain everything?)

From The Squad’s press release: “Gradually the isolation, the inability to communicate with the outside world, and the impossibility of escape begin to undermine the sanity of the soldiers. They start to question the identity of their enemy and the true nature of the strange, silent woman. Is she a terrorist? A victim? Or something more sinister? Something supernatural? Paranoia takes root. Prisoners of fear and the terrible secret they share, their humanity abandoned, the men turn savagely on each other.”

I’m guessing the terrible secret they share is probably that all the men dated the woman in the past with less than erotic results. Ahem.

The ObjectiveThis recalls The Objective (2008), another military horror movie that has special ops guys heading into the Afghanistan desert to shoot terrorists right where they live. There’s a whole lotta nothing out there: a few rocks, some dirt, a bunch of bugs, a UFO. And what they encounter is more than their training – and stain-resistant fatigues – can handle. (Likely it’s Bigfoot.)

Red SandsThe Squad also is reminiscent of Red Sands (2009), in which soldiers stationed in Afghanistan have been given direct orders: seize a strategic dirt road. Hard to do that after they shot up an ancient dirt statue and released a djinn, a demonic spirit born of smokeless fire that hates dirt humans. As a result, war atrocities committed by some of the troops pop up with dinner plate sized holes in heads and chests. That causes some unsettling moments and/or madness.

So the lesson here today is to support the military and their mission to stamp out terrorism, UFOs, ghosts, DjinnsBigfoot (OK, not really – BF’s cool), and any other paranormal or otherwise thing that threatens the American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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