Tokyo Species – Adult Film Aliens

Tokyo SpeciesIf you think about it, Species, the smash hit sci-fi horror movie about a supermodel alien who has to mate (i.e., do it) with an Earth dude, should’ve been X-rated. By cutting out the close-ups of the alien’s Uranus and just keeping the boobs and butts, they got an R-rating, which went a long way to scoring over $113 million smackaloons at the box office. If Species was X-rated, though, it could’ve made one hundred trillion dollars.


Natasha Henstridge played the alien in human form, and had no problem taking her clothes off for the betterment of science. Now, 17 years later, the movie is getting the proper treatment in the X-rated loose remake, Tokyo Species, starring 25 year-old adult film thespian, Maria Ozawa. There are not enough poems in the world to express my happiness right now.

Maria and NatashaMaria, daughter of a Japanese woman and a Canadian dude (hold the jokes, you insensitive jokesters), is best known for her dramatic role in 2009’s Monster Swallowing Ecstasy and the just-released Erotibot (2011), another X-rated sci-fi film, this one involving pleasure robots designed to improve the quality of life for the starring actresses.

ErotibotIn Tokyo Species, whose trailer is not suitable for viewing at work, church, or the family breakfast table, Maria stars as a Japanese schoolgirl who appears to commit suicide by jumping off a building or a really tall building shaped ladder. As she’s lying on the ground in total disrepair, an alien finds its way into her body (they didn’t show that part, but one can only theorize as to the entry portal), and becomes the host for a creature that needs to mate – often. And in the middle of said act of shame, sprouts a spear-like alien tentacle that pokes new portals in your face, back, front, and south of the belt buckle equator.

You’ll need to be 18 years or older to rent/buy/watch/lather/rinse/repeat Tokyo Species. Even though it looks to have a lot of replay value, wait until you’re old enough so as to not break any interplanetary laws.

3 Responses to “Tokyo Species – Adult Film Aliens”

  1. where can i get this film?

  2. Dwayne Crim Says:

    Will Tojo species play in region 1 players, or do I need a region free player. The items on Amazon need a region free player. Where can I find a copy that plays in my player?


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