The World’s Nicest Zombie

Harold's Going StiffHarold’s Going Stiff. Quite possibly the best movie title of the year. And that it refers to a zombie movie even more so. (It could easily be double as a raunchy comedy title or high school locker room/Sunday family dinner banter.)

Harold’s Going Stiff is an unconventional zombie film. For one thing it’s British. (The Brits are nice but eccentrically weird. Serving fish ’n chips wrapped in newspaper? Is this the Middle Ages?) In the movie, Harold Gimbold, an old pensioner, is suffering from neurological disease that’s slowly turning him into a zombie, which happens in three stages. (Guess what the third one is. No, really – guess.)

Harold's Going StiffAlong comes a young, calorie-challenged nurse who is as lonely as Harold. She uses her massage techniques to alleviate the painful stiffness that comes from being one of the undead. In the movie’s press release, “Her massage techniques work a treat on Harold and they become close friends.” You don’t need to be a fish ’n chips salesman to figure that one out.

You’ve seen soccer games in England. (Over there they call it “football.” Weird.) The fans, shall we say, are on the, um, exuberant side. These are the same types of guys who form a “zombie hunting league” and roam the countryside looking to do to the walking dead what Manchester United does to Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC. Soon Harold and Penny (the nurse) are on the run. Well, more like a fast shuffle as Harold keeps getting stiffer and Penny needs to lay off the tartar sauce. (Malt vinegar is preferred on Brit fish ’n chips anyway.)

Harold's Going StiffHarold’s Going Stiff. Sounds like box office pay dirt for fans of pension zombies, rubenesque health care industry professionals, soccer fans (I’m looking in your direction Tartan Army), and love stories just left of center.

Fish ’n chips wrapped in newspaper. Disgusting.

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