Save The Dead

Fix The ChapelIf you saw a zombie on a street corner with a hand-made sign that read “Homless n Hungree Needs Brainz God Bless” (the undead can’t spell worth a crap), would you fork over a few Canadian coins to help a dead brother out?

Yeah, me neither.

But what if someone asked you to donate cash to help save a cemetery where zombies live? And what if it wasn’t just any cemetery, but THE cemetery – the one featured in Night of the Living Dead (1968)?

Prepare to go medieval on your piggy bank – the famous cemetery chapel in NOTLD that was ground zero for the zombie apocalypse needs $50,000 in repairs or it’ll be torn down. OMG.

Night of the Living DeadAs first reported by the Post Gazette, the chapel, which was built in the ’20s, is scheduled for demolition by the Evans City Cemetery Association. (There’s an association for cemeteries?) But not if Pennsylvania native/zombie fan Gary Streiner (and friends) can raise the restorative fun bucks before the wrecking ball cometh. Here’s the stink of it all – he only has a year to do it.

If you feel charitable, go to and slap some PayPal™ on ’em. Face it – you owe it to the undead for years of non-stop flesh-chewing entertainment. If not that, then do it for all the future zombies. God bless.

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