The Wet Witch of Dunderland

DunderlandHaven’t had the taste come back to my mouth for witch movies every since that god-awful Season of the Witch (2011). But as they say, time wounds all heels. Or something like that. Arriving January 2012 is a new foreign witch flick called Dunderland. And to jack up the believability factor, there’s actually a real place called Dunderland, a Norwegian village in the Dunderlandsdal valley in Rana municipality. And hey, it even has a choo-choo train station!

Back in the smelly days of 1695, a young chick is accused of witchcraft. Those without sin cast her and her godless lifestyle into the bottomless Djupkista waters in the Dunderland valley. Dunderland 127 meters above sea level. If you’re a practioner of the Black Arts, this would be a good time to conjure some scuba gear.

DunderlandIn the years that followed, not cool tragedies and unusual fatalities plague the village. Was it the work of the witch, or did was the bus that Evel Knieval’d off a cliff and killing 16 Dunderheads just an “accident”? You already know what I think.

Fast forward three centuries later when a young and aspiring theater director rolls into town to put on a play about the witch trials of yesteryer. Good – everybody’s up to here with all that Shakespear jibber-jabber.

DunderlandWhat happens next? Drowns the hell outta me. I’m guessing the witch and brings the curtains down on this low-budget but ambitious stage performance. It’d be awesomely cool if she showed up soaking wet and rotted after being underwater all those misspent years. Now THAT’S some theater worth going to.

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