Historical Monsters

Alternate History

The UFO-caused Chicago Fire of 1871. The great Pittsburgh living dead outbreak of 1876. The Brooklyn Bridge attack by Rosie, the giant East River monster, in the early 1900s. These aren’t myths – they’re documented facts through the revisionist eyes of Pennsylvania artist Matthew Buchholz, who ironically failed history class in high school. Just kidding; Matt aced the finals by correctly identifying the Manayunk Monster in a late 1800s drawing of the city of Philadelphia. Most people would’ve guessed Godzilla, to whom the Manayunk Monster bears an uncanny resemblance. Takes an educated eye to spot the difference.

Alternate HistoryYou won’t find any of this in history books because some uptight historian edited ’em out. But you can get affordable 11×17 reprints of these historically accurate events at Matt’s Alternate Histories – Where the Past Comes Monstrously to Life website [click HERE]. The Defeat of General Frankenstein at Bunker Hill. The Invisible Gentleman’s Association of Philadelphia. Commodore Perry Rallies the Mermen of Lake Erie. You can get ’em all for anywhere between $4 and $20 ($5 shipping if you don’t have the time to drive over to Matt’s house to pick ’em up).

Alternate HistoryAnd who among us wouldn’t want a print of the Inauguration of Vilnar the Destroyer? It’s dang funny description: “It was March 4, 1925 was a chilly morning in Washington, D.C. when Vilnar the Destroyer, the Electro-Robot-Monster of Venus, was sworn in as our nation’s 31st President. Vilnar narrowly defeated incumbent Calvin Coolidge in a highly contested race that saw vicious debate over the growth of Federal power and the molecular disintegration of Coolidge’s vice president during a debate.”

Alternate HistoryMonster fans and history buff will appreciate and treasure these wonderfully depicted historical events, which also come in holiday and birthday card formats. Show Matt’s art to old people and freak ’em out by insisting this is the stuff being taught in schools today.

Alternate History


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