Insectula Sucks – In A Good Way

InsectulaProof that global warming isn’t all that bad: a giant space mosquito, attracted to Earth by our abundant supply of C02 in the atmosphere (Dioxidocarbon is like Chanel No. 5 to giant space mosquito), is coming here to dine at the restaurant that is you. Who among us couldn’t use some much-needed tourist dollars?

Undead Backbrain first revealed the premise of Insectula! [aka Insectula! Creature From Another World]. And even though the idea of an icky alien bug coming to your town goons you out, consider this: better space things than door-to-door religious freaks.

InsectulaLooking at the trailer, the film director has achieved a rarity – making a sci-fi indie with an impressive alien creature on a budget best served for having your car washed.

Says director Michael Peterson in the Undead Backbrain exclusive, “I’m trying to put in a balance of CGI and practical (non-CGI). I love practical effects like miniatures, cable controlled and stop motion, but to do a movie like this 100% practical isn’t realistic with my budget, so I’m trying to mix the two the best I can.”


Peterson goes on to say Insectula! is “an ode to the movies I grew up with as a child, the American International pictures, Hammer films, Dr. Phibes, ’50s B-movies and of course the nuclear monster movies.”

InsectulaInsectula! Cool title. I should like to have a starring role in this movie, and if I can’t save the world from the space bug with my hero-like muscles, then I should wish to be the first victim, screaming like a school girl with a skinned knee as the alien mosquito sucks the goo from my brain pan. (Note to space creature – hope you aren’t allergic to Budweiser™).

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