Video Horror

The HuntHorror movies based on video games? Who ever heard of such ridiculousness? Of all the dumbass ideas and… Oops, wait – I forgot Resident Evil (2002), House of the Dead (2003), Doom (2005), Alone In The Dark (2005), Silent Hill (2006), and Bloodrayne (2006). But to base a horror movie on Duck Hunt, the heavily pixilated, G-rated Nintendo game released in 1984? Either filmmakers running out of ideas or the need to put the pipe down.

Duck HuntThe Hunt, a 10-minute splattery horror short, re-imagines Duck Hunt’s breathtaking game play wherein quacking ducks appear one or two at a time, and the player is given three shots to shoot them down. Two weekend hunters are directed to an off-the-beaten track area of the woods for some sweet duck blasting. It’s there they encounter a horrific, car-sized fuzz beast that removes their arms and legs in graphic detail for snacking purposes. Game over.

The HuntDescribed as Duck Hunt meets Jaws, The Hunt is one of three horror shorts by G4 Films, with Kart Driver (Mario Kart) and The Birds of Anger (Angry Birds) rounding out the terror trifecta. You can watch ’em by clicking HERE.

The HuntAll of this is just peachy, but I’m continuing my vigil for a movie adaptation of Frogger, in which a herd of bloodthirsty frogs pursue you across four-lane highways against a backdrop of (wait for it…) hip hop music.


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