War of the Dead

War of the DeadThey should put mirrors in the backpacks of ground troops so they can see how they look when the enemy they just killed a few minutes ago are attacking them again.

That’s the premise of War of the Dead (2011), a new Lithuanian zombie movie with guns and shooting and flesh eaters and guns… Sorry, I just got giddy all over myself.

I’ve been burnt out on zombie movies for some time, but the trailer for War of the Dead looks pretty freakin’ exceptional. So this Capt. Martin Stone is leading an elite platoon of U.S. and Finnish soldiers into a wooded war zone to shoot enemies right in the face and…oops – the enemy is a lot stronger than Stone counted on. Why? Well, they shot those guys and thought their job was in the bag. Then those same dead guys are somehow reanimated and come back at them. That’s gotta suck, because a.) bullets aren’t cheap, and b.) how do you kill something that’s already dead? And don’t say pour poison on ’em as I already thought of that.

War of the DeadThere was a zombie movie that came out in 2006 with the exact same title. In that War of the Dead, U.S. WWII vets are being hunted down by a trio of Nazi zombies. Yes, there was blood spilled and body parts eaten, a poor way to treat our Vets.

Nazi ZombiesNazi zombie movies have been around for decades, though, from 1977’s Shock Waves and 1980’s Zombie Lake, to Oasis of the Zombies (1981), Zombies of War (2008), and the more recent (and better than all of ’em) Dead Snow (2009). I’m sure there are a few I’ve forgotten and I’m all too happy to include them at a later date, but I need to get in a quick nap followed by a delicious sandwich. Nevertheless, in each of them, the Nazi zombies try to eat your face and/or kill you in half.

What is it with Nazi zombies anyway? Why do they have to be such dicks?

Nazi Zombies

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