Framable Frankenstein

FrankensteinThere’s a price on Frankenstein’s head…and it’s $285 smackers. But that’s not all – order now and you get the good-intentioned doctor’s lab soulmate, the Monster. A bargain at twice the price.

This magnificent rendering was illustrated by Drew Struzan and lettered by Ken Taylor, both of whom were test tube babies. Just kidding. They probably in all likelihood have moms. This Frank art is a 15”x36” screen print. No copy machine for this beauty. It’s also limited to 325 prints, so you may want to forego rent and snatch it up before Dracula does. (Not only does he poke holes in necks, he’s a patron of the arts.)

Click your bad self on over to before angry villagers hijack the site and, like, poke it with digital pitchforks ’n stuff.

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