MonstrosityThanks to a science accident (kaBOOM), a world of monsters (us) collides with a monster world (them). Next thing you know, there are hideous top-hat wearing trolls and pumpkin zombies popping up in gas stations, restaurants and city parks, places you’d normally go to the bathroom.

MonstrosityMonstrosity, targeted for June, then September of 2011 – and now is gunning for sometime in 2012 – is that film. Based on the kid-friendly horror film short Unpleasantville (2010), Monstrosity does a Tim Burton maneuver, combining colorful costumes and remarkable creature masks with Goth-y stop motion and digital animation. As Monstrosity is family-ready, don’t expect exploding brains, blood baths and/or pumpkin goo gone wild.

MonstrosityWatching the trailer, Monstrosity does look pretty entertaining. A huge earthquake rattles New York and California, with tentacled things coming out of the ground in other cities to squeeze the tourists out of places like the Space Needle. I live in Seattle and don’t want those things to get me.


Then a nightly news broadcast of the current events is interrupted by a toothy monster troll who tells us not to be scared and to trust him. Seems like a reasonable request. Then pumpkin-headed zombies crawl out of the patch and look to do something to us. I don’t know what that is, but just the thought of those things touching me in an impure manner makes me fill my pants with crust-less pumpkin pie.

MonstrosityMonstrosity was made by Colton Tran. Never met him. But his name sounds cool. The movie sounds cool, too, even though it doesn’t have exploding brains. Then again, maybe it does. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few of ’em.

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