Night of the Pumpkin

Night of the Pumpkin reports that Night of the Pumpkin, a Halloween themed horror short, is seeking Kickstarter financial aid to finish their film. So I guess that means I’m re-reporting it.

Sideshow Pictures, who brought us the charming Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009), is hoping you, the cash-flush horror fan, will donate to their cause. Here’s what your fun coupons will get you:

“A demon possessed Jack O’ Lantern comes to life on Halloween and terrorizes a small town in this throwback to 80’s style horror. There will be mayhem, murder, screams, laughs, and buckets upon buckets of blood splatter. It’s over the top, outlandish, and your next guilty pleasure. It will make you think twice the next time you are about to smash a pumpkin.”

I’ve wanted to smash a pumpkin every since I heard Billy Corgan, leader of the alt-rock emo wads Smashing Pumpkins, open his whiney yap. But I digress. Click HERE to help Night of the Pumpkin come to life.

Night of the PumpkinAnd just so you’re not slapping your own head in confusion, yes, there was a Night of the Pumpkin before. 2010, to be exact. On Mischief Night a pumpkin man stalks party-goers, who are naked, nude and unclothed. There’s probably more of a plot, not like it matters.

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