Devil’s Playground

Devil's PlaygroundDevil’s Playground, a British sci-fi zombie movie that came out in Englandia last year, finally gets its passport stamped and arrives in States via DVD, VOD – and probably LOL, OMG and WTF as well – on October 11, 2011. Borrowing liberally from 28 Days Later (2002) and Resident Evil (2002), flesh-eating zombies have turned London into a Royal Fork Buffet for the undead. And humanity’s ONLY hope for the future is locked up in one chick’s DNA. (I know what DNA stands for, but it’s too hard to pronounce. I tried and sprained my freakin’ tongue.)

Devil's PlaygroundSo this DNA chick works for a pharmaceutical company, the same one that unleashed the zombie plague and turned people into super athletic cannibals. Sure, they can create a drug that’ll make a legion of the undead, but they can’t fill a prescription for Double Viagra™ without a note from my doctor. Thanks a lot, pharmaceutical company.

Devil's PlaygroundClearly, the DNA chick is needed for some feel-up research. The company sends Cole, a hard-ass merc, out into the death hordes to find her. He may want to hurry – he’s slowly turning into a zombie himself. That, and he’s carrying around emotional baggage that comes with his violent past. (He seriously needs to hit up the company for a chill pill.)

Devil's PlaygroundCuriously, Devil’s Playground was introduced to the Brits in six different one-sheets and DVD covers, the seventh being the U.S. poster at the top of this extremely well-written blawg. Not sure why they do that, as it just ends up confusing everyone. Not me, but someone. Outside of the U.S. version, none of the other ad materials are that compelling. In fact, you wouldn’t know it was a zombie movie unless your mother told you. (Thanks, mom!)

Devil's PlaygroundThere’s also another movie called Devil’s Playground, which came out in 2002. No zombies in it, but ironically just some horny Amish teenagers who get a taste for city flesh, if you get my drift. I’ll have to put that on my Movies To Never Watch list.

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