Human Centipede II (Last Sequence). That’s a Mouthful.

Human Centipede II (Last Sequence)The Human Centipede (First Sequence), released in 2010, was a heartwarming tail, uh, tale of a mad doctor who sewed people’s pie holes to other people’s pie recyclers, thereby creating a unified gastronomical feeding delivery system. Eewww and ick are butt, uh, but two out of 97 reactions that come to mind.

The movie itself wasn’t nearly as graphic as the premise suggested, though it got more word of mouth (sorry) than any other horror movie in recent history. And even though it tanked (budget: €1.5 million, box office: €187,000), The Human Centipede (First Sequence) is getting a sequel: The Human Centipede II (Last Sequence), featuring 12 people daisy-chained together in a manner unbefitting of a PG rating.

Human Centipede


The new one-sheet for The Human Centipede II (Last Sequence) is pretty clever and icky at the same time. The Leggo’d bodies form what looks to be a large naked centipede. While I can’t be certain, it looks like my ex is in that pile. Even if it isn’t, that sounds like something she’d do.

The biggest complaint of the first movie was that it suggested ickiness, but didn’t show it. Not that anyone needed to see the surgical process up close and personal. But I would’ve liked the option.

If it can get past the censors, The Human Centipede II (Last Sequence) looks to hook you up sometime soon.


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