Mold – It’s Good For Every Body

Mold!Mold, that black gunk growing in your shower’s neglected corners may be kinda cool on a Goth/emo level, but it’s actually not good for you, causing lung-busting respiratory problems and sneezing a’plenty. Pity – it has nice speckled patterns and, when served with freezer cheese, isn’t half bad. (Pairs nicely with a multi-grain bread or a cocktail party cracker.)

So what does one do with mold if you’re not eating/bathing in it? Make a horror movie, of course. Mold!, a new indie genre flick, is set in 1984. A strain of mold is cooked up by the U.S. government to wipe out Colombian coca fields (isn’t that where they make Coca Cola™?). But like all things backed by the U.S. government, the fungus among us goes wild and wipes out humans.

I haven’t seen the movie yet (it’s hoped that it’ll be released in time for Halloween, 2011), but I can only cross my fingers that the mold will eat the clothing off supermodels and cover your party cheese with black festering goodness.

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