Creature From The Emerald(!) Lagoon

Creature From The Emerald LagoonA floating cryptid that looks like something you’d pull out of a clogged drain is conducting day-to-day business in Florida’s stinky Emerald Lagoon. Half man/half bag of lawn clippings, this swamp thing looks to add you to its food pyramid. The only thing left to do is serve you with a balsamic vinegar dressing and some breadsticks.

Emerald Lagoon, a new low-budget indie family horror flick, seems to boldly dog paddle into copyright infringement and/or homage territory. (You’ve head of The Creature From The Black Lagoon, yes? Came out in 1954. That was a good year for ponds and such.)

Emerald Lagoon The plot seems less about the creature and more about its drama drenched human counterparts, though. You have a missing scientist and Libby, his assistant. You have Libby’s dad gooning out over his missing daughter. You have a bumbling swamp guide. You have Swamp Guide’s unfaithful wife. You have their emotionally distraught kid. You have a local sheriff who would rather not get his pants soiled by searching for the pair in the Everglade’s unforgiving muck. And somewhere in this mess is the creature, who bubbles up to the surface to feast on the land brains of the living. (I bet they don’t show that part.)

Emerald Lagoon

Emerald Lagoon doesn’t have a scary title. And the creature doesn’t look all that menacing. And any time you put a kid in there, it ruins any opportunity for skinny dipping and lagoon boobies. But it may be a nice break from the flood of zombie movies polluting the movie waterways.

3 Responses to “Creature From The Emerald(!) Lagoon”

  1. I can’t believe we forgot the bread sticks! 🙂

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