ApeworldIt’s easy to imagine apes will someday be our masters. For me, anyway. And I for one welcome our tree-swinging overlords. And as a trusted confidant I will suggest that they round up the rest of humanity and put you to work in their banana mines.

But I digress. Until that day comes – and it better be soon – you can get an Apeworld poster from Fantome.co.uk, which mimics the one-sheet from Westworld (1973) when pleasure-bots malfunctioned and came to life and started killing YOU.

WestworldApeworld is 69x50cm (I have no idea what size that is, probably a freakin’ billboard), is two-color (you only deserve one), and is signed, limited to 50, and is printed on Colorplan, Mist 175gsm paper. I haven’t the slightest of clues as to what any of that is/means.

Hail apes.

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