Monsteriffic Art

Team WelserIn the 1985 sci-fi horror cult hit, Re-Animator, Dr. Herbert West uses his reanimating serum to make a mutant menagerie of monsters. Think of him an aspiring Dr. Frankenstein who thought way outside the box.

And speaking of boxes, if you figured out how to open Hellraiser’s (1987) Lament Configuration, a sort of Rubik’s Cube™ for the damned, you unleashed a guitar-less Goth band with nails poked in their face, split coconut neck wounds held open by needles and yourself eventually taffy pulled into serving portions by hooks on the end of chains like an exploding hamburger balloon.

Team WelserInspiring stuff. And the Erie, Pennsylvania cartoonist/graphic design team of Mark and Stephanie Welser has, with a wry and deft minimalist style, recalls me back in my Neoclassicism days. Ahem. Team Welser’s impactful (did I just use that word in a sentence? Swish – nothin’ but net!) vision reinterprets the above horror and sci-fi classics, and even The Thing and House of 1,000 Corpses to The Shining and The Omen. Click a little further on their Etsy website (link below) and you’ll find brilliant takes on The Exorcist, Return of the Living Dead, Saw, and my personal favorite, Pee Wee’s Big-Adventure, one of the most surreal horror movies you’ll ever see.

Team WelserAnd speaking of seeing, you can rub your eyes all over Team Welser’s work and even buy prints for a staggeringly affordable $20 by clicking HERE. My life will be complete if they ever do a poster of any of Elvira’s movies. For fairly obvious reasons. Hey, I’m a fan of the classics.


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