Giant Maggots Are As Cool As They Sound

MaggotsNormally, maggots – those wiggly rice-shaped fly larva – aren’t too much of a bother. Unless you mistake ’em for rice and pour teriyaki sauce on ’em and, you know, start chowin’. That’d be SO icky. But if the maggot is the size of two unrolled end-to-end sleeping bags, teriyaki sauce or not, we’re talkin’ total goon out.

MaggotsMaggots, a new indie sci-fi monster movie throwback to the good ’ol days of big bugs, has giant maggots in it. How’d they get to be so large and in charge? Space stuff. (Biological rules vary widely once you get past the Earth’s Jell-O™-flavored atmosphere.) A meteor smacks into Your Town, USA and out pops some small maggots that, when exposed to our vitamin-enriched air, grow like loaves of bread exposed to radioactivity. And because the movie wouldn’t make any sense unless the space maggots craved human blood, you’ve got what we industry professionals call “USDA-grade entertainment.”

MaggotsSo when will Maggots be ready to rent/own/download? Dunno. I’m just gonna say sometime before the end of the year. If the movie doesn’t come out by then, don’t blame me, blame outer space. (Thanks to the mega-groovy Undead Backbrain for the entomology lesson.)

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