Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies. Sure, Why Not?

Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies“2, 4, 6, 8, Who do we decapitate?”

That’s pretty funny. Then again, how do you make a movie called Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies and not have it be at least a little comedic? Existing only on paper for now, CvZ begins production in January, 2012. That means there’s still plenty of time for me to get a try-out. Hey, I can cheer, man.

Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies boasts 21 year-old Nancy McDonald as the movie’s title pom-pom shaker. McDonald’s colorful resume includes Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre (naked supporting), Shark Exorcist (possessed supporting), They Came From The Sky (alien lead), Concrete Evidence (supporting ghost) and Zombie (undead supporting).

Zombies Vs. CheerleadersNo word on whether or not the movie is based on the hit sketch card series, Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders (Moonstone) or the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw: Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies video game, due out in 2012. And it seems I vaguely recall a 2009 YouTube™ trailer for a little something called Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies, a film by Richard Strieber, Jack Roberts and Kat Hudson. I could be wrong about this as I drink a LOT of beer and can’t even remember where my pants are half the time. (Seven times outta ten: 7-Eleven™ parking lot.)

Lollipop ChainsawCheerleaders Vs. Zombies better have unrated gratuitous nudity in it because zombies are getting to be quite passé these days. And cheerleaders are about as exciting as non-alcoholic beer. Why can’t they have Pierced Goth Punk Exotic Tattoo Models Vs. Zombies? I’d totally rent a movie just for the title and cover art alone.

4 Responses to “Cheerleaders Vs. Zombies. Sure, Why Not?”

  1. you know, i’d rent ‘PGPETM vs zombies’ blind too!

  2. IT’s a provocative and curious blend of hot chicks and zombie killing mayhem! Looks awesome.

  3. Btw, I am the creator, writer, director, and producer of a mockumentary web series called Zombie Hunter. As you already probably guessed, the show follows an incompetent but overly confident zombie hunter as he goes about investigating infected areas, resolving civilian issues, collecting accolades, and plugging his few sponsors. It’s a show that takes it self seriously just enough while not holding back delivering non-stop laughs.

    It would mean a lot to me if you could find time to check out a few of the episodes, which can be found here on the Zombie Hunter website.

    If you genuinely enjoy the show and wish to help spread the word, then please go right on ahead.

    Thank you,

    Jesse Dedman

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