MonsterpaloozaThere’s a new monster in town. And you’re not gonna believe this – it’s a magazine about…MONSTERS. Sheer craziness, I tell you. Not because of the monsters, but the fact that Monsterpalooza is a quarterly color cover magazine, nearly 100 pages, no less. Want more lunacy? There are no ads. The publishers must be wizards or in league with a Dark Lord something.

An undertaking like this in the Digital Age where everyone assimilates and downloads information as quickly and easily as flushing after a high-fiber breakfast is challenging to say the least. But even if they only last a few issues, the plethora (sorry – word of the day calendar) of unique photos, art and prose should make Monsterpalooza a coveted piece of horrordom, despite the magazine’s painfully cheesy title, which is also the name of their long-running horror convention events. In the industry this called “branding.”


Here’s what the $9.95 September debut issue gets you: Frankenstein and Dracula at 80 (I hope it’s Frankenstein’s monster and not Frankenstein himself, as anyone without bolts in their neck is boring), The Fine Art of Vincent Price (Vinny P – whooo!), The John Chambers interview, the guy who did the make-up for the original Planet of the Apes/1968 (that was make-up?!?), the 2011 Handy Halloween Horror Handbook (I hope I’m in there), and a whole bunch of other stuff I’m too hungover to include without rampant typos.

You can get Monsterpalooza via an “add to cart” dealie with PayPal™ (also a dumb name), by clicking HERE. Or you can old school it and send a check or money order (what the hell are those?) to: Damfino Media, Monsterpalooza Magazine, P.O. Box 19428, Baltimore, Maryland, 21206. Or you can send me the money so I can buy one, and then I’ll e-mail you the highlights.

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