Zombie Bohemia

Zombie BohemiaFinally, a fresh spin on the zombie genre, the irony being that decomposing zombies by nature are anything but fresh. Too bad the undead don’t come with freshness-expired dates. (Hey, Freshness Expired could be the title of a new zombie movie! In your face, everyone – I’m copyrighting as soon as I finish eating a sandwich.) Zombie Bohemia Zombie Bohemia, in production as I eat, is a short film about a an undead artist who makes zombie art that includes, but is not limited to, paintings, wood-carvings and sculptures. (If he used crayons, he’d probably only color with brain grey, baby poop yellow, innards green and downtown brown.) Because Michael, the zombie, is a New York artist, he’s gonna have competition. The pain in his rotting rump is another artist who snatched meaty fame out of Michael’s mouth as if  a neck burger with art than can best be described as “less creative,” “barely contemporary” and “whose use of shade and lighting is akin to a flashlight in a dumpster.”

Zombie BohemiaThis could be an epic showdown as zombies are a little sensitive to criticism. That, and once you piss them off, next thing you know your skin is suitable for framing.

Zombie Bohemia sounds cool. And this sandwich I’m eating freakin’ rocks.

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