Houses Full of Ghosts

Dream HouseDream House is a stylish haunted house movie coming out at the end of September, 2011. Hardly a dream house – there were grisly murders committed in there long before this guy moves there with his wife and two young daughters. If a bear committed the crimes, then I’d describe it as “grizzly murders.” But there aren’t any bears in this horror movie. Pity, as bears are kinda scary and would make for cool murderers. Oh, well.

The trailer, which makes Dream House look like a cross between The Shining (1980) and The Amityville Horror (1979), looks like it gives away the movie’s twist ending. And because it implies ghostly visitations/hallucinations, feel free to imagineer a bear in there. I did.

Dream HomeI’m sure Dream House is going to be better than Dream Home (2006), another similarly titled haunted house ghost-y flick that sucked donkey ectoplasm. A young married couple (good – best not to live in sin) move into a new home are plagued by ghosts. Since their “dream home” is located in rural Louisiana, it’s probable the hauntings could be the work of…GHOST BEARS.

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me today.

Ghost Bear

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