Rabbit Horror 3D

Rabbit Horror 3DWhen one thinks of a horror movie antagonist, a fuzzy rabbit hardly ever shows up on the radar. Oh sure, there have been horror rabbits before, from homicidal maniac Bugs Bunny to Thumper, the lovable cannibal rabbit, who ate Bambi alive in front of her forest friends. And let us not forget Roger Rabbit, who was so hopped up (sorry) on drugs, he appeared cartoonish. Then there was Frank, the hallucinogenic dream state rabbit in Donnie Darko (2001) who made you creep your pants. And perhaps the most famous horror movie rabbits of all time were the car-sized mutants in the 1972 sci-fi movie, Night of the Lepus. But by and large (sorry) rabbits in horror movies have been sporadic. Until now.

Horror RabbitsArriving in September, 2011 on, I don’t know, a Tuesday, the Japanese horror movie, Rabbit Horror 3D comes out of its hole to gnaw on your brains as if a tasty farm-bred carrot. Here’s how the movie is described by someone not me: “A stuffed rabbit arrives from an alternate world.” (Man, I wish I had written that.) And there’s more to it: some chick’s little brother is sent to an alternate world after receiving the rabbit. To retrieve her brother she has to unravel the secret behind the animal.”

What secret? It’s stuffing!

http://www.hairballmedia.com/rabbit_2.jpgAs dumb as this all sounds, I feel compelled to want to see Rabbit Horror 3D. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because these fuzzy footballs bring back cherished childhood memories (see photo below). Good times.

Happy Easter

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