Ladda LandA family who uses a lot of toothpaste moves into a new house where they gradually begin to encounter paranormal and horror events. This new ghost movie from Thailand is called Ladda Land. A better title might have been Poltergeist. But hey, a ghost by any other name is still a ghost.

Ladda Land is reputedly based on a true story wherein a housing development in Chiang Mai that was eventually abandoned after a series of unexplained deaths. (My extensive research indicates the deaths were the result of a giant alligator…or a gun.)

Ladda LandThe family looks freshly scrubbed and way too happy to be believable. I have no problems, however, believing in ghosts. Once they move in the family discovers a body in the freezer. (Maybe the former homeowners were stocking up for the winter.) Then ghosts start popping over to borrow a cup of souls. This is followed by paint-peeling screaming and the uncontrollable decorating of underwear.

Ladda Land, which just hit theaters in Thailand (April 28, 2011 in case you’re writing this down), stars Piyathida Woramuksik and Saharat Sangkapreecha. Looks like their parents were playing Scrabble™ when they named ’em. As for the ghosts, they appear to be your everyday, run-of-the-mill dead people with arms and legs that go in directions not recommended by your doctor or “primary care physician.” Can’t tell from the trailer if the ghosts snack on the brains of the living. If the brains aren’t cherry flavored or come with chocolate sprinkles, I can totally see why they wouldn’t.

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