Exorcism, Malaysian Style

RasukArman (dude) and Melati (chick), a young Malaysian couple who have shared familiarities, have just moved into a bungalow, forsaking the exciting city life for peace, quiet and an evil poltergeist. Sucks to be them.

Mind you, the demon spirit was minding its own business until Melati, whose name sounds like an overpriced fizzy drink, disturbed its death hole. As punishment for the desecration, Melati becomes weak and faint-y and eventually possessed. What was formerly nice clean clothes are now covered in demon gunk. I seriously doubt even Tide™ with Febreze Freshness Sport Active Fresh Scent with Actilift could get out those hellish stains.

RasukEnter Pak Mail, a gardener. Pak Man knows the score and reveals the craziness is related to the death of a Japanese soldier who was killed in that very same bungalow. I bet Pak did it. Just thinkin’ out loud. So Arman and Melati call for a shaman to rid or “ward off” the maligned spirit. Too much hassle – better to have Pak whack the ghost in the face with one of his many gardening tools. A shovel, perhaps.

But it’s too late as Melati is in full demon possession mode, her bed banging around like it was their honeymoon night and her teeth turning into unbrushed fangs of doom. And the shaman even gets a football-sized growth on his face for his efforts. Try not to stare at him in a restaurant.

RasukA Malaysian spin on The Exorcist, Rasuk, which translates to “beams” (why, I don’t know), is self-described as a horror comedy. I watched the trailer. Unless Melati does a stand-up routine during her possession, there’s nothing comedic about Rasuk. In fact, some parts of the movie will make you stain your pants. You can try Tide™ with Febreze Freshness Sport Active Fresh Scent with Actilift, but I don’t think it’ll do the job. You’ll smell better, though. Better than Melati, anyway. Chicks possessed by demons always smell like used gym socks and freshness expired fish ’n chips.


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