Spores – A Meatier Meteor

SporesWikipedia™ defines a spore as a reproductive structure that is adapted for dispersal and surviving for extended periods of time in unfavorable conditions. Hence, the spores on the cheese I left in my malfunctioning fridge for 16 months are doing fine, thank you.

Cheese spores are one thing. Alien spores, however, come with a whole new set of rules. In the new Russian sci-fi creature feature Spores, some young chicks and dudes, out bumming around instead of looking for work, stumble upon a meteorite in an abandoned Soviet factory that may or may not have been used to make vodka. The meteorite had space spores stuck to it, and when it got to Earth, planted the seeds of an otherworldly monster to grow. Yep, cheese in a fridge gone wild. (Also the premise for Monsters/2010. The space spores, not the fridge spores.)

SporesThe monster reminds me a lot of the Predator dog, the one that likes to chew on bones. In your leg. While you’re still using ’em. But this new creature, whom I shall refer to as Space Mouth, has but one thing on his mind – eating Russians. (I hear they’re kinda gamey.)

SporesWikipedia™ goes on to say that spores form part of the life cycles of many bacteria, plants, algae, fungi and some protozoa. That they’ll end your life cycle is bittersweet irony. Also highly entertaining from an “outside of the fridge” perspective.

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