Aliens Vs. Avatars

Aliens Vs. AvatarsA new bout in the mash-up wars, this one pitting Aliens against Avatars. Kinda redundant given that Avatars are aliens themselves. OK, the Smurf version of aliens, but I believe I’ve made my point.

In the sci-fi comedy romp Aliens Vs. Avatars, an extraterrestrial, part of the species known as the Scythe, is running around on Earth, licking up all our juicy DNA. Once consumed, our Earth spooge allows the alien to morph into that which has been gargled. Ick.

Meanwhile, a supermodel chick Avatar is sent to make him knock it the heck off. I thought it was none of her business until I found out the Avatars created the Scythe in the first place. I get doing damage control, but dang – to be responsible for the alien that’s going all nutbag on us is not cool. We’re gonna need some compensation for all of this problem causing. I’m thinkin’ a lunar reach-around for starters.

Aliens Vs. AvatarsAlso appearing in Aliens Vs. Avatars is a sidekick robot (always a good plot device), chicks in bikinis (required) and more blood than you can shake an absorbent feminine product at. Oh, and there’s a bunch of college goons out camping who get caught up in the middle of all this “skin to win” warfare.

I would like to see this movie now, but will have to wait until it’s released on September 20, 2011. That day isn’t good for me as I have some stuff I’m supposed to do. I’ll call the movie company and get them to bump up the date. It’s the least they can do.

One Response to “Aliens Vs. Avatars”

  1. looks like a good one. i sure hope the aliens win that would make my day dude.

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