Paranormal Japanese Activities

No. 32, B DistrictIt looks just like Paranormal Activity (2007), from the consumer cameras set up throughout an allegedly haunted living space to capture evidence of activities of the paranormal kind, to the same eerie blue night lighting to indicate some sheet-staining ghost action about to go down. But because the movie is filmed in Japan and is titled No. 32, B District, means it’s way different. Ahem.

No. 32, B DistrictOpening June 3rd, 2011 in Japan, No. 32, B District looks to stick their PIN number in the Paranormal Activity ATM using the exact same hooks that pulled $193,355,800 out of U.S. Coach™ bags and Tommy Hilfiger ™ wallets.

No. 32, B DistrictThe premise hasn’t been revealed, but you already know what it is: Strange noises and occurrences in and around the address of No. 32 in the otherwise haunted B District. The occupants set up video cameras to record what it is while sleeping off yet another sake binge. Sheets get pulled off. Doors shut by themselves. Lights go on and off without the benefit of a switching mechanism or The Clapper™. And something with surprisingly legible handwriting is leaving red-colored messages written on mirrors. (I don’t think it was tomato paste as it’s in Japan. Probably that Sriracha™ hot chili sauce, which is similar to spicy ketchup but not as heartburn-y.)

No. 32, B DistrictSeveral questions remain: Can they really call themselves filmmakers, or should they be referred to as photocopiers? Did the filmmakers hire Japanese ghosts, or are they using Paranormal Activity’s red, white and boo ghosts? How did the ghost, who is clearly invisible (that sounded weird), hold the writing utensil in order to impart the message from beyond? And the sheets that keep being pulled off the bed – are they affordable 500 thread count bedding you could find at the Daimaru department store, or are they the more luxurious 1000 thread count movie sheets?

I have to know these things before I shell out any more yen on re-baked Japanese ghost movies. (I’m looking in your direction Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night/2010.)

Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night

2 Responses to “Paranormal Japanese Activities”

  1. katabana Says:

    i love your blog, but this movie is a Chinese movie. P.S. The word on the mirror = spirit.

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