Sharks Go Shopping

BaitBait, another in a long string of recent shark movies (Sand Shark, Swamp Shark, Psycho Shark, Snow Shark, Dinoshark, Super Shark, Sharktopus, Shark Night 3D, The Reef…what, no Space Shark?), pits people against predator…inside a grocery store. Before you slap your own face in disbelief, it’s true. People at a supermarket are being threatened by a criminal with a gun when a tsunami floods the store, trapping them all inside. The resulting flooding paves the way for a pack of tiger sharks to swim right into the market where they pick up a few things for dinner.

Nothing that cool ever happens in my local grocery store. The only thing that even compares is sometimes they’ll have 20% off on shampoo and Navy beans.

BaitWhile Bait (done in 3D, which is way overkill), the tsunami angle was done in 2009’s Malibu Shark Attack. A giant waves takes out the crowded L.A. beach and floods lifeguard outhouses and a nearby construction site. Goblin sharks (that look comically dorky) get indoors and cause a modicum of damage. (Sorry…word-of-the-day calendar.) Ingeniously, those not as yet gobbled by the Goblin sharks utilize the construction site’s power tools to fight back. So now it looks as though a Black & Decker™ reciprocating saw now has 1,001 uses. Before it was just 1,000. I felt compelled to point that out.

Malibu Shark AttackStill, sharks in a grocery store is pretty cool. I don’t know about you, but I’d totally crap my pants sideways if I went shopping and there was a shark in there doing the same thing. Although it’d be visually funnier if there was me with my cart full of shampoo and Navy beans, and in the shark’s cart there were people. Man, that’d be hilarious.

Malibu Shark Attack

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