Night Of The 3D Sharks

Shark Night 3DShark Night 3D, while not the most inspired title for a shark movie, is expected to arrive sometime this year. Maybe after the tide comes in. I simply do not know. But after reading about the movie’s plot, I’m am sickened speechless: A group of college kids vacationing at a lake in the Louisiana Gulf, are attacked by sharks. Oh. My. God. That is so disgusting and depraved as to be socially immoral.

Shark Night 3DFirst, what did the college kids do to deserve this fate? With Pepsodent™ smiles and dreams of becoming tomorrow’s leaders, they had their whole lives in front of them. Now they’re just educated raw hamburger.

Why couldn’t the filmmakers use criminals as bait? People who disregard the law and flip off cops using their middlest of fingers most certainly deserve being judged and juried by an ocean full of apex predators.

Shark Night 3DBut if you’re gonna do a movie about sharks, the good and bad will both need to be flossed out of an assembly line of meat shredders. Other than that, there really is no need for a plot. In fact, the script should read like this: Some people go into the lake. Some people do not come out of the lake. In-between that, screaming, bleeding and the polluting of water.

The makers of movies like Shark Night 3D are just lucky I never tire of this scenario.

Shark Night 3D

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