Ghost Cat


You know how a chick will call you up several times a day to tell you what her cat did? And you know how you have to pretend to be interested, just so you can eventually get a little of the good stuff? And you know how after the fourth call in as many hours of the same topic that you’d rather drink Drano™ straight from the can than to hear anymore tales of this four-legged toilet brush?

But what if the cat had spooky powers and can communicate the will of the dead? That’s a phone conversation I could put up with. The cat in the upcoming and cleverly titled South Korean horror movie Cat, who has this gift is named Silky. I would’ve named it Tom(cat) Pet(ty). A Swiffer™ soft Persian, this kitty’s previous owner died, the ghost of whom keeps coming back to haunt So-yeun, an animal groomer, who ended up with the beast.

The hauntings get so bad, So-yeun totally screwed up a poodle perm at work. For this she suffers eternal shame. Inevitably, those on two legs around So-yeun begin dying by way of being killed. Now she has to solve the mystery of why and how the ghost girl died in the first place. You gotta ask yourself – what would Scooby Doo do? With nothing but women, cats and women ghosts, Cat doesn’t sound like anything a dude would watch. Unless it was X-rated.

Take Care of My CatDon’t confuse this Cat with Take Care of My Cat (2001), another South Korean movie with almost the same name (though similar in intent). It’s a tail, uh, tale of five young women a year after they graduate from high school, showing the heartbreaking changes and inspiring difficulties they face in both their friendships and the working world.

Yep, they’re both horror movies.

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