God Of Clay – That’s Putty Silly

God of ClayNormally Japanese giant monsters have cool names that rhyme with “camera” and “beer, ahhh!” and end in vowels. But this new guy, looking like a heavy metal Teletubbie crossed with a radioactive unicorn and has “you’re on the wrong train track” flashing red eyes, is called God of Clay. God, maybe. Clay, perhaps. But God of Clay just doesn’t invoke coolness and makes you think of giant pottery or a mutant vase. Does for me, anyway. But hey, a 30-story monster that goes around doing urban development without permits is still a good thing.

God of ClayGod of Clay’s press release, which I kinda sort skimmed through because it didn’t come with a coupon for something free or discounted, says that this is a 13-minute film short adapted from the anti-war children’s picture book by author Masamoto Nasu, Children of the Paper Crane: The Story of Sadako Sasaki and Her Struggle With the A-Bomb Disease. I read that book. It doesn’t end well for Sadako.

It goes on to say that the story revolves around a boy named Ken-chan whose parents are killed in WWII. He creates a tiny clay god to punish those who profit from war. Fifty years later, Ken-chan has become president of an arms company – and his forgotten God of Clay grows to enormous size, wreaking havoc and destruction until it confronts its maker. (I just flashed on how they can battle God Clay on his own terms: expose Gumby to science beams, inject him with 400 gallons of Jagermeister™, then sit back and watch a bitch slap of biblical proportions.)

Aside from the sweet and refreshing Jagermeister™ and aforementioned tech beams, the premise of God of Clay looks to be the Japanese take on the Golem, a Jewish clay monster made by a rabbi to protect the ghetto Jews from trippin’ anti-Semitic gangstas.

GolemIt’s also similar to the Korean savior of the people, Pulgasari, a mythical giant ox thing. Fashioned from a wad of mystical rice and brought to life by the blood of a hot but downtrodden Korean chick, the tiny beast gorges on metal and grows at a buffet-busting rate. The best part is Pulgasari turns into of metal and can’t be killed by conventional means (fire, avalanches, cruel taunts).

PulgasariYou can see the world premier of God of Clay on June 23, 2011 at the Bigfoot Crest Theater in L.A. during their Japanese Monster Mayhem Film Fest. I believe the serious sh*t goes down at 9:30PM. I’d go, but I’m working on my own creature of retribution. I have given a name to my pain and it is…Scruffy – Destroyer of Worlds.

P.S. Thanks to Sci-Fi Japan.com for exposing me to another giant monster whose image on a shirt I have got to own.

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