Evil Dead Cabin, Your New Dream Home

Evil DeadWouldn’t it just be too freakin’ cool to live in the Evil Dead cabin, the one in the woods with hot and cold running demons, raping trees and stuffed animal wall trophies that come to life and bite your face off? I know, right?

Now you can. Sort of. Since all the furniture and fixtures of the cabin were sucked into a Hell hole portal and transported back in time, you’re pretty much gonna have to start from scratch. That’s where Lance Cardinal, a student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, can help. Lance has built an Evil Dead cabin from scratch, using only the finest of cheap materials and a plethora of creativity.

Evil DeadUsing only a comb and toilet paper (um, not really), Lance made a scale model of the Evil Dead cabin and posted the step-by-step instructions on how to make one your own bad self.

Click HERE for photo instructions. Click HERE to send an eVite™ to demons once you’re done. Only thing left to do is paaarrrtyyyyy! (Be careful not to drop any pinecones in the woods, if you get my drift.)

Evil Lance

2 Responses to “Evil Dead Cabin, Your New Dream Home”

  1. Good job!

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