House at the Edge of the Park II: Twice As Fun

House at the Edge of the Park IIReleased to scathing reviews in 1980, House at the Edge of the Park, loaded with downright brutal violence, was arguably ground zero for torture porn. Alex and Ricky, two street thugs, manage to get themselves invited to a swingin’ party at a house. I think it was the one by the edge of the park. Things were going swimmingly before Alex, the thuggier of the two, lets his inner anger out and starts raping the girls, punching people in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and tying people up and farting right on their faces. (That’s how I remembered it, anyway.) So uncomfortable was this movie to watch, even hardened criminals ended up crying after seeing it.

House at the Edge of the ParkCritics ripped this one a new fart hole over its graphic depiction of violence, non-consensual sex and blatant misuse of flatulence. That was over 30 years ago. Now you can see that kind of content on the evening news every day of your gas-filled life.

So here comes House at the Edge of the Park II, a direct sequel, which centers on Ricky. (Alex was shot 18 times in the head and eventually died in the swimming pool. Bubbles and some red gunk came out of all the holes.) Here’s Ricky’s story:  “After thirty years at the mercy of a brutal Warden in Sing Sing prison, Ricky is released and returns to the old garage in New York City. Desperate for a place to belong, he falls in with a dangerous sociopath named The Poet and his blood thirsty girlfriend Muriel. But the memories of Ricky’s old friend Alex continue to haunt him.”

House at the Edge of the Park IIYou can almost smell what happens next – a full-on violence jamboree. Seems kinda redundant in this day and age, although I had been wondering how Ricky’s been doing all these years. With House on the Edge of the Park II, it’ll be nice to get some closure.

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