Russian Zombies

Winter of the DeadWith Russia now jumping onboard the zombie train, that just leaves international hubs Antarctica and the North Pole as being the only two superpowers left that haven’t done a living dead movie. This is good because I don’t think my heart could take a zombie penguin. Undead polar bear yes, but not Chilly Willy.

Metelesta is Russian for Winter of the Dead. It’s July in the Motherland and it’s snowing like it was Dekabr (right after Noyabr, but right before Yanvarya). Instead of a virus, space plague or monkey germs, the activating zombie ingredient here is the snow. This icy weather condition turns most of the population into undead, flesh-munching ghouls. (No big deal – vodka, Russia’s official energy drink, has been doing that for decades.)

Winter of the DeadAnd since zombie movies kinda need a plot, they throw in a love triangle and an angry husband who pursues his cheating wife and her new mattress mate amid the living dead onslaught. Geez, buddy – can’t you see it’s all over between you and that she’s gone forever? She can’t hurt you anymore.

Then there’s a priest who picks up a holy pick axe and does the Lord’s work, converting undead non-believers into Heaven fertilizer. Turns out Father Michael missed his true calling as he’s quite skilled with the chopping stick.

Winter of the DeadGuess I better brush up on my Russian as this thing is no doubt sub-titled. I hate reading movies. It gives me a screaming головная боль.

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