Rotgut: A Zombie’s Favorite Cocktail

RotgutSo this zombie walks into a bar…

Well, he’s not a zombie yet. But after a few stiff belts under his belt, the booze he’s been sucking down in a bar so seedy I would go there, is gonna turn him into one. Not because that’s what alcohol is supposed to do, it’s because the Tequila he and the bar’s other low lifes are lubricating their wretched lives with is infected with a brain-eating maggot worm. Once the mutant worm gets into your body, it makes you do zombie stuff and burrows out of your forehead by chewing a meaty hole through your brain.

I fail to see how this is different from any other day spent drinking in a seedy bar.

RotgutRotgut, an upcoming independent horror movie with a premise that hits a little too close to home, has all of the above and more. Once the worm works its magic, the drunken losers must band together to keep the infestation from getting out into the sun light and real world, which is far more dangerous and the reason people went into the bar in the first place.

RotgutThey should call the sequel, Rotgut II – Another Round. I should like to audition for the role of Obnoxious Bar Patron #3. I have years of experience and can supply my own bar rag, soiled pants and mutant worm.


2 Responses to “Rotgut: A Zombie’s Favorite Cocktail”

  1. Jeff,

    If we’re lucky enough to make a sequel to “Rotgut,” I guarantee the role of “Obnoxious Bar Patron # 3” is yours! (Although you can keep your “mutant worm” to yourself.)

    Devin O’Leary
    writer/producer “Rotgut”

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