Feed Your Star Wars Inner Nerd

Star Wars BookendThere’s a fine line between sci-fi fan and sci-fi nerd. A sci-fi fan will go see the movies, its sequels and maybe buy a graphic novel adaptation or two. A sci-fi nerd has to have everything associated with the movie, from 7-Eleven Big Gulp™ formal glassware to logo emblazoned pantyhose. And nowhere are sci-fi nerds more voracious than with the Star Wars franchise. (I swear, the next kid dressed up as an Ewok who knocks on my door on Halloween is gonna get a swift kick in the Tauntaun.)

So sci-fi nerds can continue their holy crusade with the latest Star Wars merchandise offering: The Death Star Trash Compactor bookends. I’m not a sci-fi or Star Wars nerd, but this thing is funnier than a Jawa slipping on some Bantha crap. A reenactment of the scene where Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Hans Solo and Chewbacca evade Stormtroopers by diving face first into the Death Star’s garbage disposal and are about to be crushed. (I totally freaked when this happened and screamed out loud in the theater, even after seeing it nine times in one week.)

Star Wars Bookend

You, too, can relive that moist-making moment for only $198.00 plus shipping. Cast in high-quality polystone mined from Alderaan and hand-painted to exacting standards, each is numbered, comes complete with a matching certificate of authenticity, and is limited to 1,000 pieces. These bookends are well suited for DVDs, books, graphic novels and unfinished Star Wars scripts I’ve been working on since the early ’80s.

Star Wars BookendThese things are all over the galaxy, but start with EntertainmentEarth.com for the best price. My computer mouse is equipped with hyperspace right-clicking, so don’t even think you’ll get a Star Wars bookend before me. Nerd.

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