Night of the Little Dead

Little DeadYou kinda knew this was gonna happen sooner or later: a little people zombie movie called Night of the Little Dead. And it’s a short (ahem) film, too.

NOTLD involves a couple of guys on a fishing trip who are attacked by a train car full of zombie little people who the town tried to dump decades ago.

Um, that’s about it.

Little DeadDespite their diminutive size, the little zombies have certain advantages. Instead of biting you on the neck, which is too far up for them, they’ll chomp into the meaty portion of your butt burger. From a zombie standpoint, this is maximum return for minimal effort. FYI: farting on ’em is NOT a deterrent.

Secondly, little zombies can hide in your glove compartment. So when you go to reach for your suede driving gloves or gum, the little zombie will bite a chunk out of your hand, and then you’ll turn into a zombie and not need gloves or gum any more.

There’s probably more examples, but that’s all I can think of right now because I have a headache.

Watch the trailer for Night of the Little Dead by clicking HERE while I go to the store for some aspirin. And by aspirin, I mean beer.

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