Episode 50: A Ghost Of An Idea

Episode 50If you’ve ever watched that goofy Ghost Hunters show on the SyFy Channel™, it’s amazing how those guys will go to great lengths to milk a “paranormal event.” How many times have you seen a fly buzz by on their infrared cameras and suddenly everyone freaks out and insists the place is so full blown haunted it’ll make you crap ectoplasm?

And then there’s all that EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) puckey where it’s claimed they can actually record the dead talking to them. (If the dead really could speak, they’d probably call them all mega supreme dumbasses.) This was the premise of White Noise (2005), and was about on the same level of as dumbassery as Ghost Hunters. (Note to whomsoever: White Noise 2 was actually pretty decent.)

White NoiseSo now comes Episode 50, another one of those “found footage” movies (a trend that, like karaoke, has overstayed its welcome), about a television crew of paranormal inspectors doing their thing. As with the alleged flavor of non-alcoholic beer, the first 49 claims of supernatural contact have been disproven. The movie, though, is about what happened in Episode 50.

I bet it’s a ghost fly.

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