Another World, Another Zombie Movie

Another WorldAnother World is another in the booming Israeli horror film industry. They’re up to two now – craziness is about to ensue, so brace thyself. And like Israel’s Rabies, also a zombie film, Another World is looking to break into the international film market and reap profits where there were no profits before. (In 2010, 18 movies were released in Israel. Only two made money. And popcorn is sold as bird food because it’s pretty obvious no one goes to the movies.)

But Another World has bigger problems than trying to crack the horror genre with yet another zombie movie. Not even trying to make anything original, the film is about a lethal virus that gets loose and kills most of humanity, and turns them into mindless, murderous creatures. I liked it better when it was called 28 Days Later (2002).

Another WorldBut why stop at taking the 28 Days’ plot? Let’s copy their poster, too! And while we’re at it, let’s rip off the poster for Monsters (2010) and really be cool!

Wait – we could take this thing over the top and rip off Carrie (1976) by having one of our bloody Marys look just like her! Who cares if the U.S. market knows? Everyone in Israel has never seen these films and they’ll think we’re geniuses! Man, we are so dang clever!

Another CarrieNah, just having fun with Israel. No one rips off horror movies more than Asylum Studios, so comparatively Another World is petty theft. Just a last piece of advice for Israeli movie houses – you’ll get more customers if you offer popcorn and hot dogs instead of Ptitim (couscous) and Chraime (fish prepared in a sauce with hot pepper and other spices). I know those are your favored dishes, but it’ll stink up the theater, and if I sit next to someone eating that stuff, it’ll totally make me puke.

Another World

2 Responses to “Another World, Another Zombie Movie”

  1. Wow what a bust one what I think will be an original story..Yes its a zombie outbreak..yes its the end of the world blah blah blah..but I feel this will be more then a low budget film with a descent story to tell…All I can say it you will have to wait and see. As far as the poster work is concerned..yes its similar to 28 days later but so what…There was never no deny from the start that it wasnt going to be a film similar to 28 days/weeks .There is a infinite amount of posters that are similar…By the way…all my design my work…and when I designed the full color poster…I never once took a glance at “Monsters” which is a crappy film anyway…..And besides the poster that is displayed for “monsters” is not the artwork that is used on the main poster or dvd case which I just checked on…It shows the two stars out in a jungle……….I think you will be more impressed with this film then you think…It was poorly done. Eitan the producer/director is a guerilla at taking nothing and making it to something….The quality WILL BE GOOD!!

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