Game of Werewolves

Lobos de ArgaSo I’m sniffing around, looking for grooming tips, when I come across a preview of a new Spanish werewolf movie called Lobos de Arga. Using my command of all things word barf, I deduced that the movie’s title translates as Party of Wolves. (formula: Lobos = wolves, de = of, Arga = Arga. The word “party,” while translating to “partido,” is not represented correctly in the title. Therefore I can only conclude something in Spain, or my head, is f’d up. That, or Arga is a place in Spain where werewolves run free.)

Lobos de ArgaLobos de Arga isn’t due out until summer 2011, but it’s being described as a horror comedy, or “terror comedia.” (Don’t even think to mess with my linguistical skillz, man.)

Lobos de ArgaSo this guy Tomas, besides missing an “H” in his name, is a failed writer. Even so, Tomas is invited back to his village home in Galacia. (I’m thinking that’s Spanish for “glacier.” Hope Tomas is wearing a warm coat.) The plan is to lure him there with a fake award. But he’s really needed to put an end to a 100 year-old curse that has hombre lobos running around, peeing on anything that remotely looks like a fire hydrant. That, and eating your face off. Good luck with that, Tomas.

Paul NaschyI have high expectations for Lobos de Arga, as Spain is home to some of the coolest werewolf movies ever made, nearly all played by horror film legend Paul Naschy. He wolfed up 15 times in everything from La Marca del Hombre Lobo (Mark of the Wolf Man) in 1968, to Um Lobisomem na Amazonia (A Werewolf in Amazonia) in 2005. Naschy won’t be making any more werewolf movies as he’s kinda not alive anymore, having passed away in November of 2009. Still, that was uno fresco hombre lobo (one cool wolf man).

Even though it’s probably dangerous, I would like to partido with a werewolf. We could sit around getting drunk, talk smack about the Mummy, and trade grooming tips. Who knows – he might even show me how to eat faces off. That’d be rad.

2 Responses to “Game of Werewolves”

  1. José Ramón Bea Says:

    In Spain the name is Tomás not Thomas.
    Galacia is incorrect, the name is Galicia, is the nort-west corner of Spain, in the nort of Portugal. Santiago de Compostela is in Galicia.
    In Galicia “hombres lobo” are “lobis homes”.
    The actor’s name is Manuel Juan Francisco del Cristo de la Victoria Prieto Comesaña aka Manuel Manquiña
    I like this blog. Thanks.
    Sorry for my English.

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