Zombie Babies – It’s Your Turn To Feed Them

Zombie BabiesZombie Babies, the story of late-term abortions with the fetuses coming back to life with a taste for ankle-biting and wanting the chew the fat with their would’ve-been parents, is right up there with the most goon-outable movie topics. And it goes to show there are no sacred cows left for the sake of pushing the horror envelope. (They were chopped up and fed to to school kids on “Mystery Meat Day” in Sacred Cow Slaughter VII.)

With the albeit funny tag line of “Coming sooner than you planned,” Zombie Babies goes like this: “When a local entrepreneur offers up a new painless late-term abortion method, couples flock to his hotel to take advantage. During their weekend retreat, a freak accident re-animates the children, who come back with a desire for vengeance and a taste for human flesh.”

Anyone with no self-respect can purchase the movie (Google™ it) through Paypal™ for $15. I think I have enough bus change left under the couch cushions to cover it.

Just so we’re not leaving anyone out, Chicago graphic designer Evan O’Brian designed a 2009 poster for Zombabies, a similar movie as yet not made. Whew.

ZombabiesDead babies, zombies or not, have been around since the early Seventies, first appearing on the 1971 Killers album by Alice Cooper. The lyrics are brilliant in the right context: “Dead babies can’t take care of themselves; dead babies can’t take things off the shelf; Well we didn’t need you anyway…”

Don’t look at me like that.

Alice Cooper

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