Mutated Bears, Frozen Aliens, The Walking Dead

Fro DesignsHis name is Fernando Fro Reza, but you can call him Fro. Not “To and Fro” or “Frodo,” simply Fro. Living in Los Angeles and working as a graphic designer, Fro’s bio is as succinct as his name: “I’m Fro. I’m a graphic artist/web designer from Los Angeles.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

And the stunningly badass designs are as memorable as this man who calls himself Fro. Illustrating a seemingly endless series on movies and designs based on lines from famous novels (that’s so cool as to be, like, double cool), Fro has been commissioned by the movie website to do a new poster a month. In their words, “Some of these will be great movies. Some will be horrible movies. Some unsung classics. Some pretty obvious flicks. The end result is that when this man graces them with his eye, they’re all unified in their delightfulness.”

Delightfulness. I hereby commit to use that word more often.

Fro DesignsThe samples here only hint at the delightfulness of Fro’s vision, from the beautifully stark Walking Dead poster (dead people walking around), and his interpretations of The Thing (deadly alien discovered in ice – then ice melts), to a fresh take on horror sub-classics as The Prophecy (grizzly bear mutated by pollution eats campers in sleeping bags, kinda like human Hot Pockets™) to The Manitou (400 year-old demonic Indian shaman growing out of the back of some chick. Must’ve been that time of the month.) And Fro goes even deeper, with renditions of Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Inception and Lost, each carrying Fro’s signature blend of delightfulness.

Fro DesignsYes, you can buy these posters. Most are around the delightfully low price of $25. And I believe Fro signs them with his own name. (Makes sense when you think about it.)

Visit or Fro’s own website,, and marvel at this man’s artistic range. You WILL be filled with (wait for it) delightfulness.

I do love me some new word learnin’.

Fro Design

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