Scare Your Seat Off

Scare ChairDon’t know who made this chair, what the chair costs, why they made the chair, and where you’d buy a lamp to match this chair. All I know is I must have it.

Think of the fun you could have with door-to-door salesmen or Jehovah Witnesses, to say nothing of spirited Tupperware™ parties. Just invite ’em in, offer them the intestine chair and watch the hilarity unfold. I’ll state it here and now – this piece of furniture is at least twice as cool as a Whoopee Cushion™. And I own many, including the hard-to-find Ass Blaster Series™ (made in Korea).

Franken ChairIf exposed stuffing is not to your taste (wuss), may I suggest the Franken Chair, a limited edition butt soother from Artwork Ltd Edition in the UK. Designed by Paul Karslake and limited to 25 worldwide, this thing will scare the stool outta you – if not the design, but the $7,000 price tag.

Available through, who also sell beds that the brides of Dracula might fancy, they design custom couches, tables and ornate mirrors (which the brides of Dracula have no use for). The Frankenstein’s Monster image (guys, did you get permission to use it?) is printed on real leather, just like the skin of the creature himself. Can you imagine if the Monster bought this chair? He’d be able to sit on his own face. How rock is that?

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