Horror To Scream At

Days of Darkness, Dead ToneI’m endlessly fascinated by the horror genre’s unapologetic tactic of begging, borrowing and stealing from their own brethren. While we’ve seen countless examples of Asylum Studio’s bold-face movie larceny (their lawyers must be swimming in money ponds), the time-dishonored method of taking a successful formula and running it into the ground, all in the name of the Holy Dollar, has been going on since horror and sci-fi began rotting the world from inside out. Just the offspring alone from Alien (1979), Halloween (1978) and Psycho (1960, which begat Butts 3: Double Occupancy in 1989) are enough to clog up video store sewers for decades to come.

There is no honor among thieves, with movie studios boldly stealing everything from plots and titles, to monsters and, curiously, each other’s advertising. Take for example the one-sheets for Dead Tone and Days of Darkness, both with different story lines (serial prank phone killer/alien zombie embryos in your penis), though both being released in 2007. Coincidence? The marketing is so close as to be born from the same womb tomb. (I turned the Days of Darkness poster on its side as an illustrative example. My blog, my rules.) It looks like the same guy freaking his guts out. Even if it isn’t, it’s still too uncomfortably similar, like jock itch versus painful rectal itch.

The ScreamAnd since we’re putting it all on the table here, both movies steal nakedly from expressionist artist Edvard Munich’sThe Scream,” painted in 1893 – 114 years before Dead Tone and Days of Darkness. Coincidence? (My exhaustive, couch-fueled research reveals that “The Scream” was inspired by a serial killing zombie werewolf that hunts dumbass college students with alien-infected penises and eats their low-cal brains. I’m right about this, you know.)


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