Beach Creature Is A Son Of A Beach

Beach CreatureIf you’re thinking about going to Indonesia to scope out all the supermodels scattered around the poorly named Virgin Beach like land mermaids, then plan on having your arm and leg meat eaten off as well. Not that the water is so polluted it’ll dissolve your skin; there’s a Jenglot in the surf. And it seems to like arm and leg sandwiches.

Beach CreatureA Jenglot is a mythical protector of the poorly named Virgin Beach. So when throngs of thongs show up to party, the Jenglot kills a lot, shredding skin while supermodels shed their morals. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ Piranha 3-D knock-off, too.

The movie where all of this takes place is called Jenglot Pantai Selatan. If you’re not as yet up to Indonesian Language 101/Lesson 9, that translates to Beach Creature. I like that – direct, to the point, no dicking around. Beach Creature came out in its home country last February, so we’re expecting the DVD to swim ashore any day now.

Beach CreatureFrom the movie’s website: “The Jenglot is a type of mysterious vampire-like creature of Indonesian mythology. Described as a living, creepy mummy with flesh that appears to be fossilized, said to be about 15cm to 20cm length, with staring eyes and long nails and joined feet.” Sounds like a few of the guys I regularly get drunk with. They don’t start out that way, though.

Jenglot or not, the trailer for the poorly named Virgin Beach [click HERE] looks like THE place to throw down a towel and watch a veritable parade of supermodels walking by while pretending to ignore you. Lay on your stomach unless you want to be totally obvious.

Beach Creature

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