Build Your Own Damned Monster

Paper MonsterEven though his monster-building experiments usually ended in screaming, burning, explosions and pitchforks gone wild, Dr. Frankenstein always kept his eyes on the prize. And that’s why he’s an inspiration to all aspiring med students with a God complex, as the ability to bring life to the dead is right up there with Viagra™, which is kinda the same thing when you think about it.

But since most of us don’t have a medical degree, a castle laboratory, or access to lightning, the next best thing to building a monster is by using paper, an exacto knife, glue and/or tape, and some angry villagers (or neighbors) to egg you on. And where does one start down this road to Hell? By going to Bob Canada’s Blogworld website and downloading the floorplans to bring your creation to life.

Paper MonsterA fan freak for all things Frankenstein, Bob’s site is full of his monster characterizations, and has embarked on the 100 Frankensteins Project, a quest to artistically interpret 99+1 variations of the world’s most recognizable zombie. “I know the monster’s name isn’t really Frankenstein,” says Bob. “But it’s easier than saying ‘The Frankenstein Monster’ every time I mention him.” There’s a lot of truth to what he speaks.

So click HERE to get Bob’s medical charts. Sixty minutes later you can stick a pitchfork in it and call it done.

Paper Monster


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